Portraiture Photography

As well as family and group portraiture photography, I also provide headshots, which are great for actors and creatives but also for those who want a really professional look to their online presence, such as bloggers, media specialists or, indeed, anyone who might want their Linked In profile to have that special something.

If you are looking to refresh your profile, or you need headshots for your business or line of work, why not get in touch today to discuss your needs.

As an ex-actor and actor’s agent, I have a great insight into what makes a fantastic performer’s headshot and what agents, casting directors and producers are looking for in what is normally your first impression. It’s not enough just to have a picture that looks nice, or arty, but increasingly, agents and casting directors are looking for a sense of story, something in your photo that says something about you, about who you are and what you can do. This is something we focus on in headshot / profile sessions. What roles (or indeed jobs, if you’re not an actor) are you going for, what does your look say about you and your desire to take these roles/jobs. I help you to get the best from your session, whilst keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Family Photography

As well as individual portraiture, I am also available for family photography. Not those posed, slightly cringe-worthy, images in a bright white studio that your parents made you do when you were young, but natural, candid shots of you and your family enjoying quality time together. These are usually activity based and can be something as simple as a walk in the park, but it’s a great way to keep children engaged and to get those genuine shots of special time.

If you’re interested in finding out more about family or group photography, please email me for a no-obligation quote.

Fashion / Portfolio Photography

If you are looking to increase your presence on social media, shoot some models for your latest clothing range or build your portfolio, then we can also arrange fashion or portfolio shoots.

These relaxed and informal shoots get the best from you/your models and show a relaxed and playful side. Of course, we can also get serious too, depending on the look you are going for!

We are also available to work with brands and shops to showcase your work through gorgeous imagery. Why not email today to discuss your needs.