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Aaron Prior Photography Logo
Aaron Prior Photography Logo – Weddings, Events and Portraiture photography

Time for change, and some home truths.

It’s been a couple of years now since I started Aaron Prior Photography and in that time I’ve redesigned and rebranded a couple of times as I tried to find the right ‘fit’ and as my hobby became a bit of money earning on the side to more of a business. There’s been many changes in both my professional and personal lives in recent times, some of them positive and some negative but all of them have influenced me in a positive way, even when it didn’t really feel like it at the time. I truly believe that all of our experiences have the ability to teach us something positive and that regrets are really just a waste of time…

So, having had the experiences, learnt some lessons and faced some new challenges and beginnings, I have decided to really try to take my business to the next level. I believe that there is a time in your life when you have to realise and accept your strengths and, more importantly, your weaknesses, and this is definitely one of those times. As an ex-musical theatre actor, for example, I consider myself to have a good voice and a good insight in terms of character, I also like to think my photography is pretty good, which is a good job really, I can also cook reasonably well (I mean, I’m no Rick Stein but I can handle my own in the kitchen). But even the most self-deprecating of us can recognise our strengths. What’s harder is to acknowledge our weaknesses. I’m not very tidy, I have to work hard at being organised and I’m rubbish at keeping in touch with friends, something I truly wish I was better at.

I’m also crap at design.

Macbeth - The Arts Centre Telford. Photo by Aaron Prior Photography.
Capture an image, sure! Design a business card? Nope!

Images, yes. Design, hell no.

I am very proud of the images I have taken, from weddings to actor’s headshots and from christenings to wedding photography, I believe I have found my own style and I am one of the lucky few people in life that genuinely can say that I love my job. It gives me so much excitement and joy to capture moments in people’s lives.

As me to create a logo, however, and that’s a whole other story.

I marvel at those that seemingly just throw colours, fonts and designs together to create something that I’d happily put on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus. I’ll never cease to be amazed at the speed at which designers can manipulate images, text placeholders and graphics in software such as InDesign, Photoshop and the others. I can do what I need to in both Lightroom and Photoshop but I know there’s myriad more to learn…

I find design and designers fascinating and so inspiring, I can spend hours reading articles, looking on Pinterest or following design gurus on Instagram. Doesn’t mean I can begin to replicate any of their skills.

Incidentally, if you follow one insta-designer, consider following Fiona, The Brand Stylist. Her website and Instagram are a wonderful source of design inspiration and tips; particularly her thoughts on the use of white space.

Fiona also has two books, both on my Christmas List – Brand Brilliance and How To Style Your Brand.

Wedding Photography by Aaron Prior Photography

I need help.

Often one of the hardest things to say, to admit and acknowledge.

But I do. If I am truly to turn my passion and small business into a business that can sustain me, I need to go the next step and take the plunge.

That’s why I am currently working with two designers on the stage phase of my business growth and development. One is the Benchmark Media Group who have partnered with Netley Hall on Shropshire to create their new wedding literature. I will be featuring in this new brochure, due to be released in the autumn of this year.

I am also working with my friend and design-extraordinaire, Kathy, who is creating an exciting new logo for me as well as some literature of my own about my wedding photography. Look out for that both online and in print very soon. My first baby steps towards creating a real ‘brand image.’

Family photography by Aaron Prior Photography

Change is good.

It’s daunting, and sometimes expensive, to make changes in your business or indeed your life in general, but more often than not, I have found that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Let’s hope the same is true with my current design projects…

Be sure to check back soon for the new look!


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