Latest Work – Liv Newey & Abii Strudwicke

One of my favourite phrases at the moment is “every day’s a school day”. That true belief that you really can learn something new every day. Most of the time you can learn just by listening to other people, by reading something new, by watching a TEDTalk or just striking up a conversation with that person on the train you’re awkwardly trying not to play footsie with as you sit waiting for the signal failure to be fixed.

Sometimes, however, it’s even more exciting to go looking for the learning opportunities. To seek them out and try your hand at something new and exciting.

That’s what I have been trying to do recently with the help of two wonderfully generous friends; Abii and Liv, both of whom agreed to give up their time and come and model for me so that I could try out a range of shots outside of my usual comfort zone of portraiture, weddings and events. They generously came and worked with me to create some images that I am really very proud of and helped me to further define my style as a photographer – after all, in photography, as in life, we never stop learning.

So this is my public thank you to Liv & Abii and my chance to show you some of the work we created together…

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