Starting up, and starting again

As you may have read in the about me section of the website, I am from the UK but have now settled in Denmark with my Danish wife and our two children. This has presented a number of interesting challenges for me personally including learning a whole new language and making new friends and connections, not just in a new town but a new country, a new culture.

What it also meant was that from my photography business point of view, it was back to square one.

I started my photography business in Telford, Shropshire (UK) just a couple of years ago and over that time I had started to build up a reputation and client base for my work. I was mainly engaged in portraiture and theatrical/event photography but had also branched out into weddings and celebrations. My business was at the point where I was starting to make some money, starting to get enquiries from outside of my wider social network and put bookings in the diary.

Then we moved to Denmark.

You might well ask why we chose to move at such a crucial time for my business. The answer to that is both wonderfully simple and incredibly complex. Life.
We have two wonderful children who, at the time of writing are 2 and 3 years old. We knew that if we were going to move to Denmark (something we have talked about for a long time) we would either have to do it when the children were young, and could therefore better integrate and begin their own Danish language journey, or we could go when they were older, post-compulsory education and perhaps headed to university, or their own adult lives and experiences. 
For many reasons, we chose the former and so, considering this and many other factors, we decided that now was the right time.

 An example of my work - from the menu at the Smoke Stop, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
An example of my work – from the menu at the Smoke Stop, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

So, where does that leave me and my business, Aaron Prior Photography?

I love a project, a challenge, an adventure. I have turned my hand to so many things over the years, some of which worked, some very much did not. Someone once said to me that “it’s amazing how much you reinvent yourself” and I like to think that this is both true and a positive trait.

So my challenge now, having started up, is to start again.

I have started already. I have recently completed some work for Underhuset in Silkeborg (DK), which is one of the most established and well known restaurants in the city. I have also started to advertise my business and services as well as advertising on Social Media. What is also great is that with a base still in the UK, I can now provide services in both countries.

 My new photography flyer for Denmark
My new photography flyer for Denmark

I have also merged all of my online presences into this one website and blog and am working on a number of projects through the “brand” which I will launch later this year. This is to include some photography courses and guides. This is something, as well as building up my photography business itself, that I am particularly excited about; sharing knowledge and skills is something I am truly passionate about, so mixing this with my passion for photography is just the dream!

I don’t expect success to come knocking on my door instantly, but this is certainly my biggest challenge to date and, frankly, I am relishing every moment of it!

Watch this space.

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