The New Look Aaron Prior Photography

Camera and laptop
Bride having makeup

As long-time friends of Aaron Prior Photography will know, in 2017 I moved to Denmark but returned to the UK in 2018, bringing the business back. Since then, I have been working hard to create a new brand for Aaron Prior Photography.

I have been working with an excellent designer to create a new logo for the business as well as some brand identity work (colours and the like). As part of this, I felt it was time to give the website an upgrade and refresh.

The new-look homepage is designed to give you a snapshot of what Aaron Prior Photography is about by showcasing our latest work and looking back over some of my favourite commissions.

You can find more detail about my services and rates in the website’s pages, and of course you can always email me if you would like more information or you would like a no-obligation quote for your photography needs.

You can also join me on social channels, of course, by clicking the links below.

Thank you for visiting Aaron Prior Photography and for your continued support.


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